Neurologische Fortbildungen & Coaching im Gesundheitswesen

Vorträge, Workshops & Ausbildungen in Bonn

Personal development of your potential and its effect on other people is our leitmotif. Ethic work for other people our basis. We appreciate Plato Academy as a place of possible stories.


Markus Frotz - Psychotherapie BonnMarkus Frotz

Consultant Psychiatrist, Neurologist, Psychotherapist

Markus Frotz looks back at an enormous experience in the fields of neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and the atmospheric work on spaces. He developed and patented Imperative Art as a phenomenological-descriptive conversation concept, field-tested with more than 15.000 supervised single sessions. Apart from conducting the neurological-psychiatric and psychotherapeutic outpatient department at Beta Klinik Bonn (an international private clinic) as well as two private practices, he works as a nationwide expert and develops new ways of phenomenological treatment. He is the scientific foundation of the team for the enhancement of concepts of management, communication and leadership.

„For IT Seems to us we live on new Impressions-Really new ones.“ – Katherine Mansfield


Britta Müller - Trainerin, Therapeutin in BonnBritta Müller

Therapist, Coach, Non-Medical Practitioner

Britta Müller’s principle is “learning by experience”, and thus she passionately aligns Plato Academy focus with its principal idea. She supports the Academy of Small Deeds with her years of therapeutic experience in the area of complementary medicine and as a coach. As such, she focuses on bio feedback, communication and stress management. Britta is in charge of the Academy and events when it comes to topics concerning Imperative Art and medicine. She is the contact person for all topics concerning qualification.

„Real knowledge means being changed by this knowledge.“ – Anthony de Mello



Anna Dormagen - Betriebswirtin Eventmanagerin BonnAnna Dormagen

Qualified Management Expert

Anna Dormagen, our office and event management expert, integrates internal and external customers actively. Our partners appreciate her hearty approach which makes Plato Academy come alive. Anna’s years of experience in the field of congress management help the Academy of Small Deeds Art implement conferences and events.

„How is someone who is unable to speak supposed to listen?“ – Ludwig Hohl

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