Sa 29.10.2016 - Sa 14.01.2017    
9:30 - 18:30


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Plato Academy Bonn
Rheinwerkallee 6, Bonn, 53227, Germany

The Four Modules that will lead you to Success

You are a physician or an expert MTA in the field of electrophysiology and are interested in further developing your skills in this area pursuing the aim of professionalizing electrophysiology in your work environment and thus making your practice even more successful.

Our seminar gives you the opportunity to broaden your horizon sustainably in order to take the daily obstacles of electrophysiological diagnostics in a good, efficient and autonomous way. Apart from examined neurological techniques and special techniques like myasthenia tests, F-waves, H-reflex and sympathetic skin response, this elaborate approach will make you acquainted with its technical and anatomical pitfalls and teach you how to solve them.

Our approach balances scientific depth with an applied practice from a bird’s-eye view up to an every-day life implementation.

Targets of the Advanced Electrophysiological Training

  • The imparting of a profound theoretical and practical knowledge based on individual examinations / nerves
  • The imparting of methodical skills and the detection of error sources and artefacts
  • The producing of efficient and high-quality results as well as an additional value for your practice

Target Groups for this Training

  • Physicians and MTAs working in the field of electrophysiology

Seminar Structure

  • The Newcall Units 1-4 impart new theoretical and practical learning contents.
  • The Recall Units of the Training Modules 2-4 repeat the topic of the previous module and the participants have the chance to clear up unanswered questions, to task about practical every-day cases as well as to put their new knowledge to the test.

1. Module Advanced Electrophysiology Training

  • Newcall: upper extremity neurography
    N. medianus (mot. and sens), N. ulnaris  (mot. and sens), N. radialis  (mot. and sens), N. accessorius, N. axillaris, N. thoracicus longus, N. phrenicus, N. cut.antebr. med., N. cut.antebr. lat.
  • Practical demonstration
  • How to detect and avoid neurographical mistakes
  • Nerval damage and entrapment syndrome of the upper extremity
  • Guided practice

2. Module Advanced Electrophysiology Training

  • Recall: upper extremity neurography
  • Newcall: lower extremity neurography
    N. peronaeus  (mot. and sens), N. tibialis  (mot. and sens), N. suralis, N. saphenus, N. femoralis, N. cut. femoris lateralis
  • Practical demonstration
  • How to detect and avoid neurographical mistakes
  • Nerval damage of the lower extremity
  • Guided practice

3. Module Advanced Electrophysiology Training

  • Recall: lower extremity neurography
  • Newcall: special forms of neurography
  • N. tibialis F-wave, N. peronaeus F-waves, N. medianus F-waves, N. ulnaris F-waves
  • Myasthenia test
  • H-reflex
  • Sympathetic skin response
  • Practical demonstration
  • How to detect and avoid neurographical mistakes
  • Guided practice
  • Plexus injury diagnostics, M. sudeck diagnostics, sciatic nerve lesion diagnostics, Piriformus Syndrome diagnostics, Myasthenia gravis diagnostics, Lambert-Eaton Syndrome diagnostics

4. Module Advanced Electrophysiology Training

  • Recall: special kinds of neurography
  • Newcall: electromyography basics
  • electromyography theoretical basics
  • Practical demonstration
  • How to detect and avoid neurographical mistakes
  • Constellation of findings of neurogenic and myogenic diseases
  • Guided practice

Your Training Dates

  1. Module: October 29th 2016
  2. Module: November 26th 2016
  3. Module: December 03rd 2016
  4. Module: January 14th 2017

Your Training Times

Saturday from 9:30am to 1pm and 2pm to 6:30pm

Your Training Venue

The training takes place in the exquisite rooms of Imperative Art GmbH at the Bonner Bogen, Rheinwerk-Alle 6 in 53227 Bonn.

Enjoy a direct view on the River Rhine, the Siebengebirge and the City of Bonn.

For your lunch hour, the city provides a number of restaurants for any taste or budget, possibilities for a walk or nice quiet recreation spots

Group Size

A maximum of 20 participants provides for an effective work in small groups and an efficient training.

Your Investment

The participation fee for a four-day series of seminars including snacks, soft drinks and a detailed script is 1200,- EUR.

“Fortbildungspunkte” for physicians have been applied for.

Your Lecturer: Volker Milnik

  • One of the most sought-after lecturers in the field of electrophysiology
  • Speaker for electrophysiology
  • Writer of books

Our Tip:

Elektrophysiologie in der Praxis – Neurographie, Evozierte Potentiale und EEG“ (only in German available)

Written by Volker Milnik, ISBN 978-3-437-48531-2


Your Medical Director

Markus Frotz, Neurologist, Psychiatrist and Psychotherapist


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